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                                             anconplage            cienfuegoscastello
                                                 Ancon plage                                                  Cienfuegos Chateau

                                             cienfuegos placemarty                       Escambraichutes   
                                                 Cienfuegos Pl.Marty                                     Escambrai Chutes

                                            escambraiforewt                       LahavanaCath
                                               Escambrai forêt                                               La Havane Cathéd.

                                               La Havane Fortresse
                                                 La Havane,Forteresse                                    Rancholuna,Cienf.    

                                          trinidadsoleil                   Trinidadplace
                                              Trinidad,Couché de soleil                                  Trinidad Place coloniale

                                             varadero                                           varadero plage
                                                   Varadero                                                                  Varadero plage

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               Photos: Franco Nicola                    
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