Province of Isernia, Molise - Italy
In a very picturesque position, near the Volturno river and enjoying a great view of the Mainarde mountains, the village rises below the hill of the same name, in the wide Volturno Valley. Leaving the village towards Isernia, there is a fine view of the "Ponte dei 25 Archi" (25-arches bridge). Montaquila was destroyed completely by a fire of 1464, then rebuilt by order of Ferdinand of Aragon. In the 10th century it was included in the possessions of the monastery of San Vincenzo. The etymology is not very sure, though the name seems to derive from "Montis Aquili" or "Mons Aquilus". Until 1861 it belonged to the Province of Terra di Lavoro, and only after that it was joined to the Province of Molise, at that time included in the Abruzzi region.
Altitude: 470 m a.s.l
Territory: hilly
Population: ca. 2500 inhabitants
Zip code: 86070
Phone Area Code: 0865
Patron Saint: S. Rocco celebrated on August 16
Frazioni & Località: Masserie la Corte, Roccaravindola
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  • Church of Assunzione, of medieval origin, was destroyed and completely rebuilt in 1850
  • Church of San Michele, inside interesting frescoes
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